The Deep State Coup



Coup d’etat is defined in Wikipedia as “the illegal and overt seizure of a state by the military or other elites within the state apparatus”.

It is difficult for Americans, who have a long tradition of the orderly transition of power, to admit that what we are seeing now is a coup.  But it grows ever more obvious that this is exactly what we are experiencing.   To review briefly:

  • Trump’s legitimacy has been challenged continuously since election day, beginning with the ridiculous recounts in multiple states, continuing with the loudly publicized calls for the Electoral College to void the election, and culminating with violent protests across the nation, including in DC for the inauguration.
  • A cadre of powerful connected individuals have banded together under the motto #NeverTrump, originally before the election, but continuing after to deprive Trump of all legitimacy and find any method to remove him.
  • The media have taken a lead role in the plotting and execution of the delegitimization of the President.  All major news organizations have helped the plotters along, some such as NBC and CNN are particularly dedicated in their support.
  • A series of carefully scripted political moves were made to force the appointment of an Independent Counsel (IC) to investigate Trump, more or less guaranteeing the continuation of the delegitimization campaign, ad infinitum.
  • Impeachment has been made a constant topic in the news, via a few minor political players like Maxine Waters, coupled with a multi-million dollar ad campaign paid for by a liberal hedge fund billionaire, Tom Steyer.

We are approaching the end of the first-phase of the coup.   This is a non-military coup, but what we are witnessing clearly fits the definition of “the overt seizure of the state by an elite within the state apparatus”

Renowned patriot author and speaker Matt Bracken, in a series of postings and interviews, has outlined the basic mechanics of the coup.   Central figures include former FBI director James Comey and the Independent Counsel Robert Mueller, assistant US Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and current  acting director of the FBI Andrew McCabe.  Motivation for all of them is self-preservation.  As we have learned Clinton-World was a very corrupt place and the list of self-serving deals and those who benefited from them includes all of the key plotters.  None of them believed there was any chance Hillary would lose and leave them exposed.  She did.  They are.

The FBI is America’s KGB:  powerful, political, self-preserving, ruthless and clever.  They make no bones about their enjoyment of bringing down mere politicians, although some of their most high profile convictions are so poorly put together that they are reversed on appeal.   The FBI are the active arm of the Deep State, as the secret police are in all totalitarian societies.  Americans of a certain generation have to strip away the years of propaganda indoctrination that the FBI are “the good guys” and look closely at what they do.   The DOJ are their partners in all this, together they are the muscle of the Deep State plotters.

“But wait!” you say.  If Trump or anyone else is guilty of high crimes then impeachment and prosecution are legitimate.   The resulting change of power is not a coup, but a successful application of our Constitution.

To get to the deeper levels of the plot one needs to go beyond what CNN and NBC report, to the plotters themselves.  A great place to start is British reporter and spy groupie Louise Mensch, and her blog Patribiotics.  She has real connections in the intelligence community and was the first to report the use of FISA warrants against Trump.

This was clearly an illegal use of the most powerful wiretapping tool in the US law enforcement arsenal.  FISA warrants were created to help prevent terrorism, not to ensure election of Deep State approved candidates.    It has been criminally misused by the Obama administration to spy on political opponents and blackmail them with the illicitly obtained knowledge.

Think I exaggerate?  Why did Gen. Flynn plead guilty to lying?   How could the FBI prove he lied in conversations with the Russian ambassador?  Wiretaps, that’s how.   This is the old method of the KGB.  Bugging and surveillance of everyone all the time was a charge against the Soviet Block routinely leveled by US officials and portrayed in Hollywood movies during the Cold War.   Now, America’s KGB use the techniques of the Soviets promiscuously to advance their own agendas.

Even a casual reading of Mensch will show you that the Deep State agenda is not merely to remove Trump,  but also to remove Pence, Ryan, McConnell and whoever else stands in their way.  Discussion of “do-over elections” is a serious topic there, as is simply removing every person until a flexible insider is found to run things.   The propensity for targeting children, a particularly heinous tactic of secret police everywhere, is clearly in evidence as well, and was reportedly a major tactic used to coerce Flynn’s confession.

There is plenty of evidence of exactly what is happening, too much to ignore.  Perhaps, as Bracken argues,  the coup is failing.  Too many loose ends, the hidden motivations are being revealed.   Perhaps as the mysterious “Book of Q” by AnonQ argues, the “white hat” counter-offensive to this will resolve the issue, decisively, and leave the Deep State conspirators vanquished by Trump’s team.

We can hope these analysis are correct, but for our own sake we must shake off our habits of mind, which dismisses this as “just politics”, and begin to call what we are seeing by it’s true name.

We are witnessing a Deep State coup d’etat attempt.  It appears to have a non-trivial chance of succeeding.  If it does succeed we will have crossed the rubicon, and there will be no going back.   Now is the time to call the beast by its true name: “a coup”.  Now is the time to act accordingly: to preserve what remains of our tattered Republic and the rule of law.  To force the will of the majority on the forces plotting in the shadows, to force them into the light, and thence into the the chains and cages they so richly deserve.


17 thoughts on “The Deep State Coup

  1. Nice article, thanks. My reason for commenting, is to ask what sort of an APC is in your pic. The last hour of searching has been real entertaining, but I could not come up with a match. Have not had to study foreign APCs since ’94. TIA.


    1. I’m sorry I’m not an expert on military vehicles, but I do know the picture was taken recently in Zimbabwe when the long-time dictator, Mugabe, was deposed in a military coup. Thus, it was topical for the article. Hopefully knowing the country will help you identify the vehicle. I don’t know who Zim bought weapons from, maybe Russia?


  2. Ryan, and McConnell are entrenched shitbags
    of the D.C. Uniparty and no threat whatsoever
    to the supposed ‘deep state.’


  3. I’ve updated the Deep State Coup Trap graphic chart to include Rhee and the Ohr’s, with space for more. I’ll predict now that Brennan and Clapper will fit in there in time.

    Also, there is now a Youtube video combining my chats with Jones and Shroyer last week on Infowars concerning the coup.


  4. I blame the electoral college, which institutionalizes a mechanism for minority government, and cannot be done away with because it requires the approval of those who benefit from that mechanism. It is a system which begs to be undermined from within by agents of the frustrated majority.


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