Time for Hillary to cop a plea.

Gen. David Patraeus gave a couple hard copy handwritten notebooks with classified information to his biographer, who he was having an affair with.  She also happened to be a US Army officer with a top secret clearance.   None the less this was a breach of security

He was forced to resign as head of the CIA, prosecuted by the odious Eric Holder, and eventually forced to plead guilty to a couple of misdemeanor charges.

Hillary has leaked far more in a far more promiscuous manner, using an unsecure private computer to hold and transmit all her emails.   The enemies of America could have, and presumably did, hack her server and by doing so gain access to countless American communications.

Hllary is guilty as sin of leaking all over the pace.

So, like the General before her, it’s time for Hillary to cop a plea, take the misdemeanor conviction, and admit she clearly violated the law.

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