The Democrat’s Two Responses to the SOTU: One for Whites, One for La Raza

The real Democratic future isn’t a faux JFK, but the angry, entitled La Raza activist ranting at her co-ethnics in this video. That might scare the legacy Democrats out of their sweet dreams, so it is presented in Spanish only on Univision.

If any further confirmation were needed that the rising tide of Latino immigration presents a fundamental threat to the unity of the nation this duplicitous set of speeches provides it. … More The Democrat’s Two Responses to the SOTU: One for Whites, One for La Raza


Responding to My Critics

My recent post “Of Patriots and Ethnic Nationalists” was about changes I’ve observed in several factions of the right which I’m familiar with.  It drew some pretty harsh criticism, particularly from those who I identified as the Patriot Right and at two sites I discussed in the piece, both of which I am a long time reader/commentator at:  Free Republic and Western Rifle Shooter Association (WRSA). … More Responding to My Critics

Of Patriots and Ethnic Nationalists

For many a new dream of a future ethnostate, where a like-minded people can rebuild a healthy and heroic culture,  has replaced the previous dream of a pending total economic collapse and the resulting Mad Max SHTF scenario  that so many on the patriot right have been gearing up for and anticipating for decades. … More Of Patriots and Ethnic Nationalists


Resisting the Deep State Coup

The question facing us now is do we resist this coming Deep State Coup, and if so how?  This isn’t merely a question for Trump supporters, but for anyone who still thinks that a political system that isn’t completely run by thugs, with only a simulacrum of democracy as window dressing,  is something worth trying to maintain and improve.  … More Resisting the Deep State Coup


The Deep State Coup

We are approaching the end of the first-phase of the coup.   This is a non-military coup, but what we are witnessing clearly fits the definition of “the overt seizure of the state by an elite within the state apparatus”  … More The Deep State Coup


What is Resistance?

The Deep State actors have been churning away for a year, and it now appears likely that sometime in the not-too-distant future we will find that Trump is being impeached, or indicted, or both. A drowning chorus of fake-resisters will lecture us incessantly about the need to remove Trump immediately.   

The so-called Resistance are in fact the exact opposite, they are simply the useful idiots of the Deep State.  The Olbermann Korps bear more resemblance to the Government of Poland in the era of Soviet Occupation.    Headed by quislings, and utterly unconcerned with the people of the land, instead serving an alien agenda.  … More What is Resistance?


Armistice Day, 2017

At some point our politicians decided that Armistice Day would become Veterans Day in the USA. While it is excellent that we have a special day for Veterans, it is unfortunate that it was erected upon the memory of the end of WW1, a date held sacred by our ancestors. … More Armistice Day, 2017