Socialism, Jihad, and the French Election


About a year ago military strategist and author Matt Bracken wrote this article, which was widely circulated on the web: Tet,Take Two: Islam’s 2016 European Offensive. Like so many of Matt’s articles it proved prophetic.

Matt outlined three main players in the ongoing conflict over the debasement of Europe: Islam, Socialism and Nationalism. These three forces are now contending openly in France’s election. Three left-of-center parties against an open and articulate nationalism, the Islamic terrorists attempting intimidation of voters with AK-47s used for random killings in the streets.

Illustration from Bracken’s “Tet, Take Two” article.

Essentially Nationalism stands as the last plausible attempt at a political solution that exists prior to the outbreak of full hostilities.

Marine Le Pen represents this final chance for France to avoid what looks more and more inevitable. War in the streets.

Bracken defined international Socialism like this:

Over the course of the past century, while Communism collapsed in the Soviet Union, the Fabian socialists have been increasingly successful at poisoning the roots of national, cultural and ethnic identity, leaving the inheritors of Western Civilization disorganized and demoralized, with no central belief system to rally behind. Why has this deliberate demoralization and dumbing-down process occurred? The international socialists have believed at least since the French Revolution that it was their duty to impose a top-down feudal order upon the ordinary “dumb masses,” a new world order managed by self-proclaimed experts chosen from among the correctly-educated elites, both for the benefit of the ignoramuses, and as a way to line their own pockets and continue to live an elite lifestyle of wealth and power.

While we may not have seen the Tet level of coordinated mass attacks of Bracken’s article title in 2016, we certainly saw an increase in both the frequency and ferocity of Islamic attacks in Europe, and in France in particular.

Yesterday’s brazen gun attack in the very center of Paris comes as an explanation point at end of the list of terrorst attacks that the Charlie Hebdo massacre kicked off in Jan of 2015. Since that horror an additional 230 French have been killed in terrorist attacks. The circumstances enabling these killings are well understood, and have amazingly not abatted. Again, Bracken:

A vast and concerted act of treason has been taking place across Europe since the creation of the European Union. Under the Schengen Agreement, Brussels promised to guard the outer frontiers of the EU, while abolishing internal border controls. The Eurocrat elites broke the first promise but kept the second, thus opening a wide path for the onrushing Muslim hijra immigration invasion.

Right now, approximately a million new Muslim migrants are engaged in a struggle to find a warm place to sleep in a continent with nothing approaching the capacity to adequately house them. At least 75% of the migrant invaders are Muslim men of fighting age. Native-born ethnic Germans, Swedes and others are being thrown onto the street to provide emergency housing for Muslim “refugees.” Tens of thousands of migrants are currently living in tents, and in temporary shelters like school gymnasiums and underused warehouses.

So, this is the context for this election. It’s not merely about tax rates or whether Renault will be a public company or a private company this decade, as so many other French elections have been.

It’s about whose side the government will be on when the inevitable escalations occur and France moves into open rebellion by the Islamic invaders.

It’s pathetic that it appears 3/4 of the French remain committed to the Internationalist Socialist vision and are essentially embracing their own future destruction. But that is what the polls tell us, and what the election results may tell us, should Le Pen fail.

Some commentators elsewhere have said “who cares? France baked their cake, let them eat it”.

I understand the cynicism and even anger behind that comment, but I refuse to grant the enemy that victory. We must never agree that successful Leftist brain-washing of, even millions of Europeans, somehow makes them deserving of the fate that now looks almost unstoppable – of submission and subsuming to Islam within a generation. The culture is not being given away, it is being stolen by extremely clever thieves.

As long as we can we must continue to fight against the theft, against the left, and against the escalating dispossession of the European people from their homelands by the combined Leftist and Islamic menace.

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