Resisting the Deep State Coup


In my previous essay I provided a broad outline of the deep state coup that is underway,  centered in the Office of Special Counsel Mueller and his Russia investigation, with help from the FBI and DOJ, principally, and other deep state players.

The next move on their side, which we can easily anticipate, is the indictment of Donald Trump and/or his immediate family members.  We will also see a continuing push for impeachment, if not based on Mueller indictments then based on some other pretext, no matter how implausible.  Perhaps Trump’s supposed sexual harassment of someone in the past, perhaps removal will based on his supposed mental state.  In a pinch any pretext will do,  but it’s clear that a criminal indictment is still  preferred.  It is therefore what we should likely expect.

The elite media are key players in shaping public opinion, a task (if you believe their polls) that they have already largely succeeded with. Michael Goodwin in a recent article in the NY Post (that rarity among MSM that still print the occasional opinion piece by a conservative} explains that in blunt terms: The Movement to Impeach Trump is Just Beginning.   The article has this mind-bending statistic: among Democrats a whopping 85% believe Trump should resign, with only 12% opposed.

It would be naive to think that with all this preparation for the removal of Trump that the forces of the Left will simply stop for lack of evidence, or even shame as the Mueller operation is exposed as a partisan hack-job.  Nope.  Any doubt one has that they intend to proceed with Trump’s removal is pushed aside when you hear Clinton-Obama made-man and fixer Eric Holder rallying the thuggist Left street activists, as he did recently.  (See: “Holder calls for protests if Trump fires Mueller” – The Hill).   Holder calling for protests, given the last 3 years of violence and rioting by both the antifa and BLM movements, is unambiguously a threat.

The question facing us now is do we resist this coming Deep State Coup, and if so how?  This isn’t merely a question for Trump supporters, but for anyone who still thinks that a political system that isn’t completely run by thugs, with only a simulacrum of democracy as window dressing,  is something worth trying to maintain and improve.    The left, almost uniformly at this point,  support maintaining their power and imposing their will on the rest of us.  If that requires extra-electoral means, if it requires secret police actions, if it requires torturing the clear meaning of the law until it disappears entirely, well those are just necessary tactics.  And only necessary because the deplorables acted so badly.

Let us stipulate, for the purposes of planning, that the beltway right will launch a political defense of Trump, led by a few members of the various Congressional committees that are investigating the Mueller coup-plotters, and powered by the IG’s upcoming report on FBI and DOJ politicalization.   It’s unclear how much of Conservatism, Inc.’s press (Fox, National Review, will support Trump, recall their election views ran from tepid support to #NeverTrump opposition.    Regardless, they are outgunned by the leftist establishment MSM.  The beltway right will not carry the day,  but rather play their preferred role of graceful loser.

The question then becomes:  will the Right follow the script, and remain passively at home, stacking their preps and eating popcorn as the drama of the attempted removal of Trump begins?  Or will the gigantic overreach by the worst elements of the Left ( Holder / Lynch / Obama / Hillary and other such insufferables) finally be the silent signal that causes the ‘man on the couch’ to stand and act?    What is that action likely to look like?  What should it be?   Is there any method available to American patriots to prevent the Leftist coup from succeeding once it is in motion?

A speculative answer to these hypotheticals will be attempted in part II of this series.  But, certainly no one should doubt the urgency in developing a consensus answer to these questions.   A nation once lost to a powerful, deceitful and amoral minority through ineffective opposition to a coup will not easily be regained and righted.

The Russian Revolution was co-opted by the Bolsheviks in the successful coup of Oct. 1917.   A full century has passed since that fateful moment and there is still no end to the suffering of the Russian people in sight.   A similar fate certainly awaits the American people if we passively sit by and watch the most evil elements in our society illegitimately remove our elected government, as they clearly intend.    If we permit that, whether though inattentiveness, sloth or pure cowardice,  our children will curse us.  And we will leave them the thin gruel of  true heroic resistance  as the only path available for them to regain liberty.

This weak and pathetic legacy to our children is one all right thinking people must endeavour to prevent.

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