Verified Arson in the 2020 Western US Conflagration

There have been several reports of arrests for arson in the last few days as the number of wildfires in California, Oregon and Washington has exploded dramatically.

There have also been reports of fires being caused by lighting and one from a fireworks stupidly set off at a “gender reveal party”.

There seems to be a concerted efforts from some news outlets and government agencies to claim that there is “no evidence of arson” and that anyone claiming otherwise is lying and indulging in “conspiracy theories”.

This is false. Police have arrested multiple people, in different locations, for setting fires.

Yes, there are also, no doubt, some rumors that are not true out there, as with all breaking news stories. However: It is a fact beyond argument that at least some of the numerous wildfires ravaging the western United States have been started intentionally by arsonists.

People insisting there is no arson happening are factually incorrect.

Here are links to legitimate news stories, including multiple police reports of arrests:

1. From King5 News (Seattle NBC affiliate) we get this article:
Puyallup man live-streams while being arrested for allegedly setting fire on SR 167 where we learn that Jeffrey Acord was arrested for second degree reckless burning, made bail and was released, and was re-arrested a few hours later for burglary.

This story was also covered by the Gateway Pundit here: Antifa Radical Arrested for Arson in Washington State — Was Caught on Highway Live-Streaming on Facebook Before Arrest (Video) and also by the Post Millennial here: BLM activist livestreams his own arrest after allegedly setting fire in Washington State.

2. From U.S. News & World Report:
Arson Probe Opened Into Deadly Oregon Wildfire: Police Chief

ASHLAND, Ore. (Reuters) – Arson investigators have opened a probe into the suspicious origins of a deadly Oregon wildfire that began in the town of Ashland and destroyed hundreds of homes in nearby communities, Ashland’s police chief said on Thursday.

The remains of two victims have been found in ruins from the blaze, which erupted on Tuesday and roared through a third day in the midst of a spate of wildfires across Oregon, according to a spokesman for the state fire marshal.

More bodies are expected to be discovered as search teams comb through the wreckage of dwellings that were engulfed during a chaotic evacuation of populated areas along the path of the swiftly spreading flames, Ashland police chief Tighe O’Meara said.

This story was also reported by the Oregon Live (Portland Oregonian newspaper website) as: Arson investigation underway where human remains found at Almeda fire in Ashland, chief says

3. Aslo from Oregon Live:
Man arrested on arson allegation in wildfire west of Eugene, deputies say

A 44-year-old man was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of arson in a wildfire that has burned nearly 400 acres and prompted evacuations west of Eugene, deputies say.

Elias Newton Pendergrass is accused of first-degree arson in the Sweet Creek Milepost 2 fire, which covers 382 acres near the community of Mapleton. Pendergrass, a Mapleton resident, is being held in the Lane County Jail.

4. From KHQ-Q6, a television news website”
Arson suspect arrested after allegedly starting multiple fires in Spokane on Monday

A woman is behind bars after she is suspected of starting fires in east Spokane on Monday. 

According to Spokane Police, Officer Mohondro arrived on scene he saw some grass and a pallet on fire outside of a commercial business. SPD said there were no power lines around and there did not seem to be a reason for the start of the fire unless it was human caused. 

The same officer spotted another fire a few blocks away. 

SPD said the fire was next to an old oil drum under a tree which gave the fire the potential to explode into something much larger was very high. The Spokane Fire Department responded and put that fire out.

Officer Mohondro asked for more units to respond to the area to look for a suspect. 

Police detained 36-year-old Christine Comello.  Comello lied about her name to police but it was later discovered she had a warrant for her arrest. 

According to SPD, witnesses later identified Comello as the arson suspect.  She was booked for 2nd degree arson, 1st degree arson and burglary.

5. From KION News Channel web site:
Woman accused of intentionally starting fires on Highway 101 arrested

The California Highway Patrol confirms that a woman has been arrested after being accused of intentionally starting fires.

They said it happened on Highway 101 near Boronda Road, and it was first reported just after 9 a.m. The number of fires was not released.

The suspect, identified as 37-year-old Anita Esquivel, is booked into the Monterey County Jail arson.

The Monterey County District Attorney’s Office tells KION that they have no information or evidence suggesting that a woman accused of intentionally starting fires on Highway 101 has any connection to Antifa.

6. Another article from OregonLive:
Man arrested, charged with arson in connection with southern Oregon fire

A Southern Oregon man is accused of arson in connection with a fire that has caused major damage to several towns in Jackson County.

Michael Jarrod Bakkela, 41, has arrested on two counts of arson, 15 counts of criminal mischief and 14 counts of reckless endangerment.

The fire Bakkela set is considered to be one of two origins of the Almeda fire, said Oregon State Fire Marshal’s office spokesman Rich Tyler. The two fires quickly merged, Tyler said.

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