‘Dr. Jill’ is the real President now

It’s truly amazing to look back on the last year.

If you watched a movie that had this plot you would probably reject it as more implausible than Godzilla vs. Kong.

Plot Synopsis: The world is brought low by a virus built in a Chinese bio-weapons laboratory, but most politicians refuse to admit it because they hate the sitting President and view any admission of the truth as bolstering his long-standing opposition to the Chinese.

The primary election is fought viciously by a number of small factions. When no one gains a clear lead the ex-President calls on all candidates except his geriatric ex-VP to drop out, which they do. This clearly senile candidate benefits from a huge organized vote fraud operation in six key urban counties, and wins an obviously rigged election, while hiding in his basement for most of the campaign.

He is inaugurated and becomes President, while clearly being propped up on all sides, while making frequent gaffes, and saying repeatedly that he will “get in trouble” if he answers questions or goes off script. Within six-months his badly diminished state is a topic of every-day conversation, and speculation in the foreign press. But the tightly controlled corporate media in the United States for the most part still plays along with the farce.

So who is really running the USA now? If Joe Biden is a figurehead, who is the real shot caller? Friends and I have been having a back-and-forth discussion on this topic for months now, and the evidence is continuing to grow that Jill Biden is the real power in the White House now.

It’s a feature of the American system that the President is uniquely powerful. This was by design of the founders, who wanted the head of the government to be more than a parliamentary leader (ie: Prime Minister). They wanted a man who had power like that of the Kings he was going to contend with (circa 1783), but was still elected and constrained by limits to his power. George W. Bush had a knack for summing things up in extremely blunt but accurate terms. When a reporter asked him what his role was in various complex policy matters his answer was simple and brilliant: “I am the decider”.

As long at Joe Biden is the titular President of the United States he is the decider. But in his case we know he’s being told what to decide. And, it’s become increasingly obvious who tells him what to decide. His wife, Jill Biden. Or, using the weirdly folksy and obnoxiously pretentious name she’s been appointed with by the sycophant media “Dr. Jill”.

To anyone who has had close proximity to a elderly relative with early to medium onset senile dementia we have seen this before. In couples where one partner is senile the slowly morphs into the role of care-taker, excuse-maker, limit-setter, cook, nurse and bed-chamber maid. Husbands care for wives in this way, and wives for husbands.

I had lunch with an old friend from high school a couple years ago, and she brought her mother to our lunch. I had known her mother, but hadn’t seen her for 35 years. Mom was now senile. As lunch progressed she did her best to fake it through the conversation “You remember, he was Dan’s friend Mom.” “Oh Mom, remember we said we weren’t going to do that anymore?” “Mom has trouble with remembering some things”. Her mother showed no sign of discomfort with any of this, she was happy to be out having lunch at a Thai place with this fellow who she was supposed to know, but couldn’t quite remember.

So, Joe is the decider. And there is someone right next to him at all times, telling him what to do, where to move, which set of note cards to read, whether to use the teleprompter, if he needs his ear-piece today. And that person is Jill.

It must frustrate the hell out of all the other powerful men and (especially) woman in the administration. The insufferably horrible Susan Rice would like to be telling Joe what to do, but like everyone else it’s up to Jill what Joe is “focused” on. Kamala is supposed to be #2, and the energetic younger woman-of-many-colors who is supposed to be the real leader of the White House by now, but it hasn’t worked out. Dr. Jill assigned her the to the Mexican border. The nerve of that woman!

Joe Biden’s Chief of Staff isn’t a well known DC power player, or someone pulled from Congressional leadership. Obama brought in Rahm Emanuel as his first Chief of Staff. We all knew him already. Trump brought in Reince Priebus, head of the RNC and frequent Sunday news show guest. Chief of Staff is normally a powerful job that goes to a political player who has some visibility and charisma, especially in the post-election period. He sets the tone.

Biden’s Chief of staff is a faceless, nameless functionary. Ron Klain is a long time Biden staffer. That’s important because grandpa doesn’t like change. And Klain, I have no doubt, has long ago understood that he needs to go through Dr. Jill, and get her approval before having Joe take on anything too complex, because Dr. Jill is going to have to walk Grandpa Joe through it.

This shouldn’t surprise us. But it’s not satisfying to some. Conspiracy theorists and those with a love of the rococo don’t like this answer. It’s too simple. Surely there is a hierarchy and some ultimate Dr. Doom character is in charge of it all. George Soros, perhaps. Or Obama’s henchwoman Valerie Jarrett. Some worthy opponent.

The evidence doesn’t suggest that at all though. No matter who else would like to be in charge of grandpa Joe, only Dr. Jill has earned that position. She literally whispers in his ear. There are many incidents of this on video. The Secret Service and protocols of the office are easily harnessed by “the first family” (Joe and Dr. Jill) to keep others away from him, when ever the first family wants the privacy of “the basement” they get it. The Secret Service expect Jill to be there at his sides at all times. Everyone else, not so much. “I’m sorry Vice President Harris, the President isn’t taking visitors this afternoon. Jill Biden can “put a lid on it” when ever it suits her, and it suits her quite a bit.

Dr. Jill is stepping out a bit now. Perhaps she’s formalized how Joe can be kept sedated, isolated, watching his favorite videos and eating ice cream until needed. It was recently reported that she is attending the Tokyo Olympics, sort of a coming out party for her in her role as the real or defacto POTUS. World leaders will be meeting with her. I’m sure those who had even casual contact with Joe in previous meetings understand the dynamic. My friend didn’t have to explain anything about her Mom’s illness to me over lunch, it was completely self-evident. The wall of silence is breaking down a bit, we’re starting to see the obvious truth about what’s going on:

Breitbart: Report: First Lady to Replace Joe Biden and Attend Tokyo Olympics

Fox News: Is White House pushing VP Harris aside in favor of Jill Biden?

it’s a dynamic familiar in many families, the caring spouse speaks for the senile elder

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