Leftists Begin Hyping for a 2nd Civil War

Dear Darb, 

You are hearing a lot from the Left like this these days, like this MSNBC report saying that the USA might have to go to War against the GOP and rightwing, because the GOP and rightwing are like terrorists. 

To review: 

I’ve been saying for more than a decade that the differences between the Left and Right in the USA are irreparable.   I have continually argued for a peaceful divorce,
 some sort of mutually agreed to separation and division of the country.   You have scoffed at my claims, repeatedly, but none-the-less, here we are! 

Now your team is increasingly talking openly about the looming Civil War! (Frequently slyly promoting it as in “our military needs to prepare for the potential Civil War 2” )

(What happened? You made fun of this idea for years, rolling your eyes and everything; “Oh no!  Was Vlad right again?  Damm it!” – thinks Darb McLefty)

Proof points?  Tons of Leftist speculation / primping / warnings for the next Civil War.  See:  HEREHEREHEREHEREHEREHERE and HERE!

Instead of an unnecessary Civil War: Our model should be the Velvet Revolution of Czechoslovakia into the independent Czech and Slovak nations, which was largely along ethnic and geographic lines.   No shots were fired.    It’s an excellent example, and I commend it to you for study.   Let’s get a divorce! 

But that’s not how the Left rolls.   Remember when I nicknamed you “the Coercive Collectivist” after noting that so many things you favored were meant to be MANDATORY and must include EVERYONE.   (That could also be a good definition of Totalitarianism and its famous branches: Communism and Fascism.) 

The Left is in the position of the wife-battering husband who will not let his wife go​ – and threatens to kill her and the kids anytime she mentions it. 

You see that here in the MSNBC segment.   The commentator (a former officer in the United States Military) says that “we” might have to go to war with the Republicans.   (Which is about 1/3 to 1/2 of the population of the United States.)  Because: Republicans are “terrorists” and “white supremacists”. 

The Left is always able to justify forcing people to adhere to their schemes based on some higher “moral” claim: often dubious.  “Global Warming” “Transphobia” “Equity”.   Convenient, these claims of moral superiority while undertaking violent attack on ideological and ethnic opponents. 

I’ve come to think though, that it’s really the coercion​ that is the important part in most Leftist schemes.  Leftists have an almost sexual attraction to power, and to domination.  Forcing people to do things (even or especially absurd things)  is deeply satisfying to Leftists and Left oriented people because of the force required​, because of the end result of the total domination​ of people.   It’s almost like the role of the “dom” in sexual S&M which (not coincidentally) many Leftists are deeply involved in. 

I know you don’t like to admit it: but Leftists, working to implement some greater moral good were responsible for about 100 million deaths (of their own citizens, not in wars) in the 20th century.   The Holodomor, for instance killed an estimated 3.5 to 5 Million Ukrainians as the far-Left Bolshevik party tried to implement their utopian collectivist agricultural scheme.   (Most historians agree that the famines were intentional and the real goal was to eliminate the “kulaks”, that is rural land-holding peasants, who Lenin and Stalin felt were an obstacle to building “the new man”.)   

The Black Book of Communism  catalogs the many pretexts and mad schemes that the Left adopted – and all of which ended in gulags, death-camps, mass murder, famine, displacement and failure.   Many of them are household names;   “The Great Leap Forward”  “The Cultural Revolution”  “Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge’s Year Zero genocide”.   

So now we see the people with the same political leanings (Leftist, Collectivist, Marxist, Socialist, Communist, “Progressive”) saying these same things.    As in the previous examples from history:  the Left has already concluded their infiltration of many of the “organs of the State” as the USSR called them.   The FBI, CIA, and even the military (traditionally the institution in the country that was most naturally traditionalist and right-wing, by design) have all been taken over by Leftists.  The media branch is now beginning to plant the ideology and seeds that will blossom into the coming violence against their fellow citizens who don’t want to be “coerced and collectivized”. 

Because is has happened so many times the people at the Montreal Holocaust Museum have created a handy checklist:   

The 10 Stages of Genocide: 

1. Classification

Groups in a position of power will categorize people according to ethnicity, race, religion or nationality employing an us versus them mentality.

​The left in America is obsessed with classification.   And all of these new classes have both good and bad groups.  “Cis-gender” implies privilege and oppression of the 27 other categories that have been invented.    The warning sign includes “according to ethnicity, race, religion and national origin”.    

The American Left are obsessed with these categories.  Increasingly you find them on every government document. 


2. Symbolization

People are identified as Jews, Roma or Tutsis, etc., and made to stand out from others with certain colours or symbolic articles of clothing.

Because of the nature of the conflict being built in the USA by the Left skin color and observed ethnicity is the main symbolization being used to publicly identify groups, especially the most hated groups of “white cis-gendered men”.   Many symbols associated with the Right or traditional America are denigrated by the Left, including the American Flag which has been replaced by the Intersectional Flag. 


3. Discrimination

A dominant group uses laws, customs, and political power to deny the rights of other groups. The powerless group may not be granted full civil rights or even citizenship.

Whites have been formally discriminated against by the Federal Government since the early 1970s when “affirmative action” went into effect.    These outrageous anti-white policies have not been gradually lessened or turned down (as one might expect as we are now 60 years from the end of Jim Crow).  No! 

Instead, they are constantly being ratcheted up.    In the 1950s when businesses posted “no coloreds need apply” that was anti-black discrimination.    In 2021 when the President says that one of the highest jobs in the country is only open to Black women, that, too is clear racial and gender discrimination. 

It is not just happening at the elite level of the Supreme Court – even the lowest level jobs are subject to racial quotas that discriminate against White people. 


4. Dehumanization

The diminished value of the discriminated group is communicated through propaganda. Parallels are drawn with animals, insects or diseases.

You see that in this MSNBC report.  “Terrorists” “Insurgents” “White Supremacists (an imaginary term made up by Leftist propagandists like MSNBC to begin with).   

Among Jewish intellectuals and Black propagandists, we see the full-blown terms used, where “whiteness” is described as

a cancer“, “a virus“, “a parasitic type condition“, “a pandemic


5. Organization

A state, its army or militia design genocidal killing plans.

Clearly the full power of the State (which is controlled institutionally by Leftists even if the Right manages to elect a majority in any body) will be used.  That’s what it means that the calls for war against White people and the Right are being made by: a major television network, owned by the largest cable company in the USA, and made by a former United States Military Officer, with a recent history of putting talk into action (in Ukraine, where he went to fight as a mercenary on the side of the Ukrainians).   

The organization to be used to destroy the “deplorable” “insurrectionist” “ultra-MAGA” “irredeemable” “terrorists” is the US Military and para-military Police State groups (FBI HRT, CIA private contractors, etc.) 


6. Polarization

Propaganda is employed to amplify the differences between groups. Interactions between groups are prohibited, and the moderate members of the group in power are killed.

A lot of propaganda is being used to separate whites out as uniquely “privileged” as well as evil, domineering and unworthy of existence. 


7. Preparation

The victims are identified, separated and forced to wear symbols. Deportations, isolation and forcible starvation. Death lists are drawn up.

We hear a lot about the Government (which again, the Left is explicitly in charge of and calling on continually to prepare for “War” with the “insurgents” — as in this article.   The ability of the FedGov to generate lists and track people is beyond anything previous generations of tyrants could dream of, and now includes things like AI bots to track and categorize people based on Social Media scores.    

The Vaccine Identification cards are an early form of ideology-based Identification. 


8. Persecution

Victims are identified and isolated based on their ethnic or religious identity. Death lists are drawn up. In state sponsored genocides, members of victim groups may be forced to wear identifying symbols. Their property is often expropriated.

We haven’t gotten to this yet, but we are seeing trial runs.  In the Leftist dominated Canada not only the Trucker protesters, but people who merely contributed to their defense funds had their bank accounts frozen and/or confiscated.    Ditto for the Jan 6 protesters, most of who are not being given access to their own bank accounts to hire lawyers.   


9. Extermination

The massacres begin. The perpetrators see their actions as “extermination” since they do not consider their victims to be entirely human.

We haven’t quite gotten there yet, but it’s the obvious end point that follows like the MSNBC commentator are pointing towards. 

We can also see the virulent rhetoric that has been deployed against the Russians by the American Left for the last eight years (including ..ahem..) an implicitly white people,  has now been instantly transformed into the entire society pumping money and weapons into killing those “evil Russians”.


10. Denial

The perpetrators of the genocide deny having committed their crimes. Victims are often blamed. Evidence is hidden and witnesses are intimidated.

We see this in the refusal for the Press and Government to admit their culpability in the mass anti-white crime and violence that is evident in most large cities, and how it is ginned up and made acceptable by false narratives like the George Floyd “murder”, the show-trials used to bolster those narratives (Jan 6 commission, police trials), and the endless denial that savage blacks beating the crap out of random White and Aisan people is in any way a hate crime. 



In summary:   I urge you to reject the ratcheting-up towards violent repression and genocide that many of your compatriots of a Leftist-bent are either actively or passively participating in.     As evidenced by the appalling MSNBC contributor’s comments there were the genesis of this note. 

Just Say No! – to more Left Wing repression and killing.  We’ve seen enough of that in the 20th Century, let’s leave it there (along with the childish and destructive ideologies that fomented most of it: “Socialism” “Communism” “Marxism” “People’s Revolution” “Dictatorship of the Proletariat” “Anarchism” etc. _)

Stop “planning” for Civil War Two, with glee;  where the Left imagines you (the US Army turned-the-captive-tool of the Leftist “Our Democracy” crowd and your Biden Occupation Government (BOG)) will get to kill your fellow countrymen just because we are White or Conservative or GOP. 

Please take seriously the olive branch we have offered, repeatedly.  Let’s all get off the Genocide Carousel and start negotiating a National Divorce — before it’s too late. 



7 thoughts on “Leftists Begin Hyping for a 2nd Civil War

  1. “Our model should be the Velvet Revolution of Czechoslovakia into the independent Czech and Slovak nations,”
    CUCK – A – CLUCK – A – DOODLE – DO!
    MOAR vOtIn! vOtE at it so fuckin’ hard, GOPsucker!


  2. Stop begging them for mercy, they have none. They see it as a sign of weakness, which only encourages them. Time to start mobilizing at the local and state level for our own pogroms.

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  3. You need to say SECULAR Jewish intellectuals, 89% of the Jewish Orthodox vote with us. And are the only group in America that is becoming more conservative


  4. “Just say no” HAHAHA Good one dude. Saying no ain’t gonna do shit. We will never be left alone by REgressives. There is only one way and it includes a river of blood. They’ll be one winner. Period.


  5. Leftist (socialist) theory is grounded largely in the writings of Karl Marx, a German philosopher of the materialist school, who held that reality consists exclusively of material objects and their activities. To materialists, such as Marx, all things are physical, and there is nothing spiritual.

    To Marx and other materialists, the human “mind” is nothing more than neural firings in the brain, electrical discharges in the nervous system, and so forth. Human nature, on this view, can be fully explained in physical-chemical terms. Thoughts, values, and emotions are specific types of material activity, no more.

    Under this view, if everything is matter, then humans too are purely physical beings. When humans produce goods or services, they do so exclusively by means of manual labor.

    The socialist is fundamentally occupied with the issue of who creates wealth, because the claim to wealth in the physical world of materialists controls power. Is it the entrepreneurs and the capitalists who invent products or finance their production? Or is it the workers in the factories and the fields—the men and women who use their hands to physically make the goods?

    How socialists answer that issue is the genesis of their various movements. On the premise of materialism, Marx concluded that the proletariat (the workers) who create wealth by producing the physical goods, which the capitalists just own. This tension, according to Marx, is unjust and makes conflict inevitable..

    Marxists see the owners growing wealthy as exploitation of the workers’ labor. The owning class is, therefore, the inveterate enemy of the working class. Human society, especially under capitalism, is permeated by social-economic injustice.

    Further, the capitalist owners use their economic power to buy political influence and thus control the state. They pass laws protecting private property (which is the core fundamental basis of capitalism, rejected by communists), viewed by Marxists as ill-gotten wealth comprising properly that should belong to the workers. The workers have no legal recourse by which to recover what is rightfully theirs.

    Capitalism, Marx concludes, is a system of institutionalized exploitation. There is but one means to redress the injustice: The workers must rise, like the street mobs of the French Revolution; seize the wealth that belongs to them, and obliterate the capitalists. The owning class will be incarcerated and/or killed. Marx stated, “We have no compassion. When our time comes, we shall not make excuses for the terror.” This “end justifies the means” amorality is a core tenet of totalitarian, and specifically socialist and communist, tyrannies.

    The essence of Marxism is unremitting class warfare. Because these economic classes are groups, not individuals, it is the group—whether the owners (bourgeois capitalists) or the workers (the proletariat) as classes, not individuals — that is the unit of moral value.

    These fundamentals of Marxism extend, in one form or another, into every version of socialism, as advocated by Marx. The National Socialists (Nazis) held that an individual’s value (or lack of it) is determined by his race, by his genetic lineage, by the ethnic collective into which he is born. A member of the master race is morally virtuous; a member of an inferior race is morally degenerate. While Marxists hold economic groups as the units of moral assessment, National Socialists regard racial groups in that manner. Each holds a specified collective—as opposed to the individual—as the basic criterion of value. [Nazi propaganda chief, and close confidante of Adolf Hitler, who joined him in committing suicide, along with his wife Magda, after murdering their children, in the Berlin bunker in May 1945), Joseph Goebbels, was a communist before he was a national socialist. Both despised capitalism.]

    According to these and all forms of full-fledged socialism, a person is not an independent being but a cog in a collective. To National Socialists, a person’s intellect and character are hard-wired into his racial makeup; these are “in the blood.” To Marxists, a person is born into an economic class, reared in its mores, trained in its worldview, formed by its philosophy. For all collectivists, which is to say all Marxists, all socialists, all communists, all Leftists, whether by nature or nurture, a person’s ideas and output are products of one’s group identity (be it socioeconomic class, race, sex/gender, sexual orientation, etc., ad nauseum, ad infinitum). That is the ultimate end of materialists who reject the notions of individual spirit, identity and rights, which are the fundamental elements of conservatism.

    Under Leftism, members of the owning class conceptualize human society and history differently than do members of the working class. The owners uphold principles of market economics and the law of supply and demand, including wages for labor, which for Marxists is the basis for their beneficiaries’ claims for entitlement to output and power. The workers, by contrast, support coercion to increase wages by mass organization, union power, bloody strikes, and government intervention. The owners maintain that individuals have inalienable rights to property, that the government must protect such rights, and that the initiation of force must be banned. The workers maintain that the initiation of force is justified so long as it redistributes wealth and/or advances social justice. According to Marxist socialism, the owning class has its logic, and the working class has another. Which one is correct? Hitler, let us recall, had an answer regarding which racial group was right and which racial groups were wrong; similarly, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and all Marxist leaders everywhere have their response for which economic class is correct, and they demonstrate it in practice to the inevitable, genocidal conclusion.

    During Word War II, two divergent strains of socialism went to war with each other, specifically the National Socialists (Nazis) and the International Socialists (Soviets). The name “Nazi” is a truncation of the word NAtionalsoZIalistische, which means “National Socialist.” The full name of the Nazi party was Nationalsozialistische Deutches Arbeiter Partei (NSDAP), which translates as National SOCIALIST German Workers Party. The Nazis were socialist to their core. Hitler despised capitalism, because it prevented subsuming the citizens’ identities into the state, which is what all socialist programs require — collectivism. In the Nazis’ view, capitalism enabled the proliferation international Jewry, so it had to be destroyed.

    There was nothing too small for the massive Nazi government to regulate, The “Strength Through Joy” (KdF) movement of the German Labor Front provided state-owned vacation colonies to German workers. None of that is a small government, conservative undertaking.

    The Nazi art program outlawed degenerate art and permitted only neo-classical art in service to the cause of Nazism. Not only were subsidies denied, non-conforming art was destroyed and artists persecuted. Only official Nazi art was allowed, and everything else criminalized. That, too, was a large government undertaking, anathema to conservative ideology.

    On the other hand, Bolshevism in the USSR, as developed by Lenin (while equally totalitarian as Nazism), ignored national boundaries and sought to unify the world’s workers in class-based revolution. Stalin resorted to national identity in World War II, as an expedient to expel the Axis forces from the USSR and to pursue the Axis forces to their ultimate defeat. After consolidating the Soviet gains in post-war Europe, and Asia, the USSR resumed exporting class-based workers’ revolution internationally, as it had done prior to the war, through the Communist International (Comintern).

    All socialism is collectivist and anti-capitalist, which means it is anti-individual. Whether it is nationalist, like the Nazis, or internationalist, like the Soviets, does not much matter. Nationalism is not what makes a socialist. Antipathy for capitalism and individual rights is what does.

    Fascism, on the other hand, is a distinctly, and solely, Italian phenomenon. Neither the Germans, nor the Nazis were Fascists, though there are certain similarities between Fascists and other totalitarian ideologies like Naziism.

    Fascism was the brain-child of Giovanni Gentile, who was the “Karl Marx of Fascism.” One thing that is quite clear is that Fascism was and is a Leftist ideology, not a right-wing movement.

    Benito Mussolini was a dyed-in-the-wool socialist. Everything about Fascism involves the central theme of collectivism. Individual rights, which are the cornerstone of what Alexis DeTocqueville called “classic liberalism” (which we call “conservatism” today), are anathema to Fascism.

    The greatest lie of the 20th and 21st centuries has been the attribution of the odious ideologies of Naziism and Fascism to those on the political right, who simply want the government to let them be, which is not something any Leftist is likely to do.

    Environmentalism, like all “isms,” is a political ideology, not a healthy concern. As fundamental principles, its doctrine and related dogmas elevate the survival of plants and beasts to higher priority than humanity.

    Like all Marxist ideologies, environmentalism imagines an all-consuming conflict between an oppressed class (the plants and beasts) and the oppressor class (humanity), and resolves all plans and actions to serve the interests of the former at the expense — in fact, the destruction — of the latter. Marxism’s eliminationist rhetoric calls for the opposite of coexistence.

    So forests go unmanaged, and undergrowth proliferates to the point of becoming tinder-boxes, which end up burning and destroying precisely the plants and beasts that the environmentalists claim to be protecting.

    Marxism always ends up immiserating its purported beneficiaries, whether they are the proletariat (the working class, under socialism and communism), women (under feminism), African-Americans (under race-based cultural Marxism) or flora and fauna (under environmentalism).

    In practice, the point of Marxist philosophies is inevitably not to save mascot “oppressed” classes, but to provide their purported saviors absolute power. The anguish of the mascots is inflamed and encouraged because it is the stepping stone for elites to rise above them, while holding themselves out as “caring” (virtue signalling) about the mascots, when nothing could be further from the truth. One who truly cares without self-interest gives alms secretly. Matthew 6:1-4 (NIV) instructively provides: “Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven. So when you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the streets, to be honored by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.”

    The ideology that now inspires the Left is called “identity politics,” which is anathema to every American who cherishes our nation’s commitment to individual freedom, judging people by the content of their character and not the color of their skin, or gender or sexual orientation. Identity politics is a euphemism for cultural Marxism, which takes Marx’s claim that societies are divided into oppressor and oppressed classes and imposes this dangerous and historically refuted claim onto races, genders and sexual orientations. Americans need to reject destructive identity politics as completely as we rejected its forerunner in the communist movements of the past, because they are a replay of the same Leftist struggles that destroyed so many past lives.


  6. Please. You are trying to use reason with these people. You might as well try reasoning with a 2 year old. It won’t work. Remember, these people want a leftist utopia. They will get that just after the unicorn pooping Skittles. You won’t vote your way out of this. You won’t stop them without a war. The only rational thing to do is to prepare for it.


  7. THE LORD has given american men plenty of time to take down the children eaters,BUT THE MEN LOVE THEM,ok ,you asked for it,NOW OUR FATHER WILL DO IT HIS WAY,,hes going to remove BOTH coasts from america,millions will die ,and when its over AMERICA WILL BE A COLONY OF RUSSIA,Slavery is coming to the most COWARDLY AND stupidest country on earth


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