A Letter to a Liberal Friend

Dear Darb,

The problem with your politics, more than anything else, is that you are supporting gun banners.

You *ARE* supporting gun banners, the Democratic party are gun banners, and Sen. Wyden and Sen. Merkley are gun banners, and the lesbian Gov. of Oregon is a gun banner.

Earl Blummenauer, your Representative, is a gun banner.

These are all people you have voted for, repeatedly, in Oregon, where you live.

This is a huge problem for me. The current focus of the gun-banning crowd is “ban the AR-15, ban high capacity magazines. ban Semi-Autos”

This isn’t academic for me, you are supporting politicians who want to force me to surrender my property to them, or else I become an insta-felon.

I define insta-felon as: what you become when, without taking any overt action, the government changes laws so that you suddenly guilty of a felony.

This is the stated goal of the gun-banning crowd, led by those empowered politicians, like those above, who you continue voting for.

Now, I can’t think of anything that GOP politicians want to do to YOU to make you an insta-felon. Or make you surrender your property.

It’s not just the money, but that is certainly an irritant. (My potentially illegal-under-Democratic-rules guns probably have a combined value of both your family cars.) So, kind of a big deal.

But, much worse, becoming an insta-felon is A VERY BAD DEAL!

How big? Well I moved out of California, in large part because of the gun laws. The original Assault Weapon Bill in California required owners of some guns to go register them. When I did so, at the time I had to be finger-printed.

That was a wake-up call. I was being forced to undergo something only criminals normally undergo. I imagine it’s perhaps how Jews felt when they have to go register themselves in Germany.

I won’t do it again. So, I’ll either become an insta-felon, or maybe I’ll have to move again, maybe to Wyoming, which looks to be the last free state.

So, just think about this a little: I’m not voting for people who might make you rip up your life and move hundreds of miles just to stay out of jail. I’m not supporting a political party that is clamoring to confiscate your cars, or other property. I’m not supporting political groups that suggest you should be fingerprinted by the police, just because of who you are. I’m not marching with groups that want to see you made into a felon, with all that implies.

But YOU ARE supporting people who wish to do these things to me.

So, if I sometimes seem a bit obsessed by your politics, I hope you can now understand why.

Yes, you are a very nice guy, and we are old friends, but we would be a lot better friends if your political heroes were not all evil gun banners.

But they are, and that’s a shame.

It’s a measure of my fondness for you that I have not given up on trying to convince you to move to the side of goodness and patriotism on this (and other!) issues.


5 thoughts on “A Letter to a Liberal Friend

  1. You are a bigger man than me, I don’t care to have any liberal friends. I find them lacking in logic and reason therefore I am unable to enjoy their company, they are just too dull to have any intelligent interaction with. Regarding my liberal relatives, I do put up with them, as a moral duty. We {my lovely wife & I} do try to reach them using simple ideas & sometimes are heartened when we think they may understand a concept. unfortunately they always seem to regress back to their comfort zones, but we will keep trying. However if & when SHTF they will be on their own. they have been warned.


  2. You fail to explain why you think gun banners are evil or why you love guns so much. Guns and ammunition in the hands of the public might actually be the evil. Five executed ladies at the SunTrust bank branch in Sebring Florida is a recent example of that evil. Expecting those ladies to have all carried and been prepared to use their own defensive sidearms in the event of a gunfight is the NRA’s wet dream vision of America which not all of us share.


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