What is Resistance?

The Deep State actors have been churning away for a year, and it now appears likely that sometime in the not-too-distant future we will find that Trump is being impeached, or indicted, or both. A drowning chorus of fake-resisters will lecture us incessantly about the need to remove Trump immediately.   

The so-called Resistance are in fact the exact opposite, they are simply the useful idiots of the Deep State.  The Olbermann Korps bear more resemblance to the Government of Poland in the era of Soviet Occupation.    Headed by quislings, and utterly unconcerned with the people of the land, instead serving an alien agenda.  … More What is Resistance?

Socialism, Jihad, and the French Election


About a year ago military strategist and author Matt Bracken wrote this article, which was widely circulated on the web: Tet,Take Two: Islam’s 2016 European Offensive. Like so many of Matt’s articles it proved prophetic.

Matt outlined three main players in the ongoing conflict over the debasement of Europe: Islam, Socialism and Nationalism. These three forces are now contending openly in France’s election. Three left-of-center parties against an open and articulate nationalism, the Islamic terrorists attempting intimidation of voters with AK-47s used for random killings in the streets. … More Socialism, Jihad, and the French Election

REVIEW: Escape from Detroit – The Collapse of America’s Black Metropolis by Paul Kersey

Escape from Detroit is one of the first of Kersey’s many self published books. It’s a compilation of of articles written over several years (roughly 2008 to 2012) that tell the story of the decline and fall of Detroit. Detroit, now universally known as a post-apocalyptic hell, was in the early 20th century though “The Paris of America” with it’s lovely architecture, beautiful neighborhoods, and stunning theaters, museums and civic buildings. … More REVIEW: Escape from Detroit – The Collapse of America’s Black Metropolis by Paul Kersey

Islam Is the Problem

The West is failing in our conflict with Islam because we fail to acknowledge that Islam, itself, is the problem. Not hyphenated Islam, not merely the familiar terms used by many writers like Islamic-Terrorism, or Islamic-Fundamentalism, but ISLAM, Islam itself. Full stop. That’s not something that most people are comfortable with saying or even thinking, … More Islam Is the Problem